Hockey Gear Rental

Welcome to Eccles Ice Center Rental Hockey Gear Equipment.

Please be aware that you are required by Eccles Ice Center Management to have a $100 deposit for all session rentals. The $100 must be in check form and will be retained (un-cashed) by EIC. If all the equipment is returned in satisfactory condition the check will be returned to renter. If any equipment is damaged or missing it will be deducted from the $100 deposit, and the remaining money will be refunded in the from of an EIC check.

You can bring in the deposit when picking up the equipment.


Rental by Piece:

Day use $2.00
5 week session $15.00
4 month session $35.00

Full Equipment

Day use $7.00
5 week session $45.00
4 month session $90.00

USU Hockey Class $90.00

Full hockey equipment:

Shin Guards
Elbow Pads
Shoulder Pads

Please fill the form out below and we will have your hockey gear ready

PAY-ONLINE Follow the link below where you will be directed to our Bridgerland Community Ice Arena store. You will be able to purchase your session through our online store sponsored by Square.

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Hockey Gear Payment Process