Proshop & Skate Sharpening

Skate Sharpening

The Eccles Ice Center is proud to be the home of Innovative Blade which is one of Utah’s premier skate-sharpening companies.

Innovative Blade is bringing to Cache Valley a revolutionary new way to sharpen ice skates. Blackstone Sports introduced the Flat Bottom-V method of sharpening skate in 2009 and it is taking the ice skating world by storm. Several NHL teams are using it exclusively and almost all who try it never go back to traditional ROH sharpening. We still offer traditional sharpening as well if you decide the FBV method isn’t for you!


The Eccles Ice Center can order all figure skating and hockey brands and sizes at a great price. Contact Teresa Burns at 435-787-2288 ext 222 or at for more information or to order merchandise.