At Eccles Ice Center we offer curling 9 months out of the year in conjunction with Cache Valley Stone Society. Curling consists of delivering a stone, weighing approximately 40 pounds, across a sheet to a target to score against an opposing team. In a bonspiel (curling tournament) there are 8 or 10 ends; an end is similar to an inning in baseball. A rink is a team consisting of 4 people: the lead, the second, the third, and the skip. Each team member has a vital role in the game with different strengths to better the team score. Each team throws 8 stones in an end (2 stones per player). The final score is based on who has stones closest to the button of the house (center of the target). We invite you to come learn to curl and better your skills regardless of age or physical ability as it is wheelchair accessible at the Eccles Ice Center.

Call our front desk for more information at (435) 787-2288