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Eccles Ice Center Programs

Learn to Skate

The Marriner S. Eccles Foundation supports our year-round Learn to Skate program, which teaches all ages how to ice skate in a progression style of class.  

School Outreach

The Emma Eccles Jones School Outreach program is based on the Utah Educational Core Curriculum. Our program coordinates with classroom instruction and provides an exciting off and on-ice experience.

Green Canyon PE

The PE class was designed and implemented to instruct Green Canyon High School students in ice sports.  Students register for the class through their high school registration process.

Hot Chocolate Club

Hot Chocolate Club is an instructional skating program geared toward Moms or Dads with children between Pre-k and 1st grade.  However, we welcome all ages to come and participate. 

Scout Merit Badge

The Boy Scouts of America ice skating merit badge is supported by Gossner Foods, which offers those interested in completing the ice-skating merit badge here at the Eccles Ice Center.

USU Accredited Courses

Students registered at Utah State University may register for a one-credit PE class.  Students can choose from either figure skating, hockey, or the curling class.  

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