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Learn to Skate Information



The Eccles Ice Center's Learn to Skate program is a year-round skating program for all ages and skill levels supported by the Marriner S. Eccles Foundation. Whether you're into figure skating or prefer hockey, our program encourages you to develop a lifelong love for the sport.


Under the guidance of our experienced coaches, you'll learn the essential skating techniques, build confidence, and improve your overall fitness. We are dedicated to creating a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can have fun, feel supported, and achieve their goals. Join us, and ignite your passion for skating today!

Instructional Information

Lessons consist of a half-hour session with a trained coach once a week. These lessons are either on Tuesday or Thursday.  See below for instructional times.


The class length is eight weeks (unless otherwise specified in the registration), which helps skaters build solid fundamentals and sustainable skating skills.


This is a progressive style of program. We no longer have an end-of-session test. Instead, skaters will pass off skills throughout their eight weeks in classes. That way, students who advance faster can move into the next set of skills and not be held back. 


We hope you have a blast learning to skate!


Instructional Times

These are the times the classes start.  Each class is a 30-minute lesson.  For questions, please

reach out to the Skating School administrator.


Tuesday                       Session Times


Snowplow Sam 2 – 4   4:30 PM (start time)

Basic 2 – 6                   4:30 PM (start time)

Pre-Freeskate               4:30 PM (start time)

Adult 2 – 5                   4:30 PM (start time)

Hockey 2 – 5                4:30 PM (start time)


Snowplow Sam 1         5:00 PM (start time)

Basic 1                         5:00 PM (start time)

Adult 1                         5:00 PM (start time)

Hockey 1                      5:00 PM (start time)


Thursday                     Session Times


Snowplow Sam 2 – 4   5:00 PM (start time)

Basic 2 – 6                   5:00 PM (start time)

Pre-Freeskate               5:00 PM (start time)

Adult 2 – 5                   5:00 PM (start time)

Hockey 2 – 5                5:00 PM (start time)


Snowplow Sam 1         5:30 PM (start time)

Basic 1                         5:30 PM (start time)

Adult 1                         5:30 PM (start time)

Hockey 1                      5:30 PM (start time)


New Enrollee Information

If you're new to the Learn to Skate program or registering someone new, start by registering as a New Enrollee. Whether you're a seasoned skater or have had some previous lessons, we recommend signing up for a level 1 class as a new enrollee. 


On the first day of class, our instructors will assess your skill level and may reassign you to a higher level if they see fit. So sign up today, and let's hit the ice together!


Please refer below when signing up as a New Enrollee.

New Enrollee Classes

Snowplow Sam 1 - Ages 3 to 5

Basic 1 - Ages 6 to 18

Hockey 1 - Ages 6 to 18 and Older

Adult 1 - Ages 18 and Older


Participants Ages 3-5 for Hockey

Please note that children ages 3-5 who want to take the hockey class must complete all of the Snowplow Sam classes prior to registration.


Learn to Skate Practice Punch Pass

Participants will receive a Learn to Skate Practice Punch Pass, which can be redeemed during the rink's public skating times. 


Use this punch pass to sharpen your skating skills and practice the techniques you've learned in class during public skating times. Please note that the card is only valid during public skating times and does not include other rink programs, such as Freestyles, Stick n Shoots, or Hot Chocolate Club.

For more information, please get in touch with the Skating School Administrator.

Jonah Nelsen


Phone: 435.787.2288 ext 230 

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